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The Joy of Smoking Cigarettes Essay - 746 Words

The Joy of Smoking Cigarettes The side of smoking that is rarely published will be explored in this paper. The side that only a smoker knows, not the side the governments and health agencies provide the news media with. This information is valuable because it is not very well exposed to the world. This essay will answer the question, â€Å"Why do you smoke cigarettes?†. Smoking can be very fun. Smoking is a good way to kick back during work. Smoking can actually be a reward, and a reward that we can give to ourselves at any time of the day. Smoking a cigarette after accomplishing a goal can be very pleasurable. Whether at home or in the workplace smoking can be used as a reward. After finishing a task or specified amount of work, a†¦show more content†¦As Ernest Dichter said in 1947, â€Å"There is a direct connection between thumb sucking and smoking† (Dichter). Cigarettes also develop a sense of partnership. Many folks have said that having a cigarette is like having a companion, not being alone anymore. Even when you are doing nothing at all, it feels like you are doing something - smoking. In a sick and twisted way, smoking can be used to control one’s weight. Cigarette smoking makes you less hungry, and therefore if you smoke cigarettes you will eat less food. Smoking can also be used as a pretty accurate gauge of time. A cigarette takes about five minutes to smoke, so if you are waiting to meet somebody, you can smoke a cigarette and know just about how long it will be until they are there. While going on long drives, a cigarette is crucial to making the trip more enjoyable. You can break a six hour drive down into six cigarettes, and this seems to make the time go by just that much faster. Smoking can actually spark a relationship between two people, whether an intimate relationship or just a friendship. If one is in need of a cigarette or a lighter, asking someone for either can be a way to start a conversation. Actually sitting down and smoking a cigarette with a person is how you can start off getting to know each other. After a conversation you may exchange telephone numbers and possibly meet up at aShow MoreRelatedEssay Smoking Tobacco Smoking811 Words   |  4 PagesTobacco Smoking among the Students of Puntod National High School: A Basis for Preventative Measure To Deter Student from Smoking ï » ¿CHAPTER 1 The Problem Introduction The use of tobacco is not a recent phenomenon. It has been said that tobacco plants have grown in North and South America since 6,000 B.C.1. It was also believed that tobacco had many healing qualities which made its use widespread2. In the 17th... Premium 14136 Words 57 Pages Smoking Tobacco smoking FromRead MoreSmoking Cigarettes Should Be Legal1219 Words   |  5 Pagessmoke back then, right? So, you should smoke cigarettes too. If doctors do it, so could you. But is that the case in today’s society? This specific advertisement is addressing to the audience that smoking is okay because doctors are promoting that it is good for you, and it will even enhance your life; however, this is not true. Back then, people thought that smoking a cigarette was not harmful. But in actuality, over the years, it has been found that smoking is harmful to one’s self, and potentiallyRead MoreMarijuana Should Not Be Legal Essay1224 Words   |  5 Pageseffect of some diseases and that by legalizing the drug; the use of pot will actually decline. The fact of the matter is that marijuana is a drug that can be placed into a similar category as cocaine or heroine. Like these other drugs, pot (marijuana) smoking carries with it serious side effects that can effe ct the user forever, and sometimes-even cause death. Marijuana was first cultivated in America during the colonial time period and was used as a fiber for rope and even clothing. The plant was notRead MoreUsing Deconstructive Criticism to Analyze an Advertisement for Newport Cigarettes954 Words   |  4 Pagesmanipulate the audience into believing their product is the best out there. In the advertisement created by Newport cigarettes, the ad is viewed in two different ways: the advertisement is used to intrigue the consumer and the advertisement is viewed in a criticizing way. (Describe what magazine and what issue date is) (More on deconstruct) The advertisers of Newport cigarettes conveyed the product very well by means of layout, choice of color, body language, and wording. In the layout, the advertisersRead MoreOutline For A Word For Word1164 Words   |  5 Pagespersons will die every year of a disease attributable to tobacco use† (Mazzone, 2004). B. (Reason to listen): Hi, I’m Cody Polton, I’ve been around smoking all my life and it really irritates me. I know it is bad for you, but I didn’t realize how bad it was until I began to write this speech. C. (Thesis statement with preview of main points): Smoking not only hurts you, it hurts your friends and family, it can lead to severe diseases, and although it is hard to quit, it is not impossible. Transition:Read MoreThe Benefits Of Quitting Smoking1211 Words   |  5 PagesThere are many benefits of quitting smoking; but today, I want to discuss 10 benefits that hopefully will strengthen your resolve to quit. Even though cigarettes are as addictive as illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin, cigarettes are not only legal, they are sold everywhere from vending machines to supermarkets, which makes them easily accessible for all ages. The majority of smokers start smoking before they turn 16, which means that by the time they are adults, they are hooked, their addictionRead MoreThe Negative Effects of Smoking Cigarettes Essay1525 Words   |  7 PagesSmoking cigarettes can be very harmful to your life with so many health issues, such as heart disease, cancer and emphysema. Some people think it’s not a huge issue smoking cigarettes but it’s a great way to lose ten years of your life. You lose lots of money, a lifetime of health issues, and cause you to have yellowing of the teeth and bad breath .There is way too many health risks involved to start using this drug. Say no to cigarettes you will be healthier in the end then to continue on this wrongfulRead MoreTeenage Addiction to Smoking1498 Words   |  6 Pagesgenerations. The hostile impact on young generations, addiction to smoking cigarettes is staggering. Smoking has taken an enormous toll on the minds and health of young teens around the worl d. Teenage smoking is an epidemic that has derives from several causes. Smoking in young teens has become more common this day in age. Smoking in young teens is most commonly brought about by peer pressure. According to an article Teenage Smoking, â€Å"At no other time in life is peer pressure stronger than duringRead MoreThe Way The Camera Grabs An Image950 Words   |  4 PagesHave you ever had a friend or family member die of lung cancer, or die of a smoking related death? In America over 160,000 men and women die each year from lung cancer. That is less than the amount that have died from breast and colon cancer combined. The leading cause of lung cancer in the United States is smoking tobacco. With this high amount of deaths, a lot of companies are creating ads to get the point out. Companies such as the huffington post create ads that are filled with a message. TheseRead MoreTobacco Is The Primary Source Of Unnecessary Sickness And Death930 Words   |  4 Pagesindividual pro blem however, it also has the ability to affect societal issues. Addictions of any form can impact, an individual’s life, and loved ones. This addiction has the ability to having lasting impacts in a person’s health. Research shows smoking long term use can develop lung cancer, heart disease. Many times the addict has the choice to partake in using the drug, but using the drug extended period of time it begins to alter the mental functions producing the choice of using the drug out

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